From Randall Gray

If there is one thing you can always count on when it comes to the pre-production stage of any project, it's constant change. Learning to adapt, bend, deal with the struggles that come with getting the project up on it's feet is very difficult. Some people in your cast and crew have to change. Life happens and you deal with illness, loss, and challenge. Budgets are pushed to the absolute limit, and you are still expected to squeeze more out. But through it all, if you have selected the right people, you build life long friendships that really matter. It will be those friendships that get through all of the difficulties and over each of those hurdles. You will learn that if someone truly cares about you and wants to be your friend, they show up. They find ways to be a part of your life, and they are there for you when you are down.

This project is going to be something truly different, in that it is built on genuine relationships. This is a family of people that have chosen to work together on a project they believe in, and that is the reason why this is so special. Happy New Year!

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Here, we give the cast and crew the opportunity to speak to you themselves.