Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Here, we will share with you regular interviews with our cast and crew. This way, you can hear the excitement, and the exhaustion we are all encountering as this massive production comes to fruition.

Where Did The Story 'Who Among Us' Come From?

The inside story from the writer, Randall Gray

The Actors Coalition Network of Los Angeles has been around over 15 years now. At first it was designed to educate and train those who wanted to be better actors and or learn more about how the entertainment industry as a whole worked. 

About six years ago, my students came to me asking me to teach them how to become film makers. I had spent my fair share of time in the motion picture and television industry, and knew my heart was not in it. I was more focused on theater. But, one of my students asked me why I was not wanting to teach the art of film making, focusing on the fact that I had stated I would help prepare them for what this industry is really all about. 

So I gave my students an assignment. I told them that I wanted to make certain we were all on the same page if we were going to work on a film project together. So, I told them they were going to have to prove to me that we could all get on the page. 'If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, and you could only tell the world one story, what would it be?" I asked each of them. I told them that I wanted them to bring me three pages the following week.

To my surprise, they all did. After reading what they turned in, I found that in one way or another, they were all talking about very similar things, which I could relate to well. So I started writing, with inspiration in each of them, and before I knew it, I had fallen in love with the story. Then one thing lead to another, and I had created several episodes of this psychological thriller, which has always been my primary writing genre anyway.

Against my greater desire, I gave up my theater, and put all of my efforts into making this project. Then, multiple reasons I had to place this project on the shelf. I started focusing on much smaller projects and films. I started teaching Masters Classes in Writing, Directing, Editing, Camera Operations, Lighting, Sound, and much more. Together we have made over 200 films in the last three years, even during the insanity that has been the pandemic.

So here we are, after all this training, and I came to the realization that we needed to take the next major step in their education. We needed to move from making movies, to making a television production, which though similar to making movies, has many differences. So I went back into the arsenal of writing projects I have done over the years, and there was 'Who Among Us'. After re-reading it, and falling in love with it again, I weighed the training I had given my students thus far against the work that would be required to do this project well, and yes, it was the right next move for the company.

In Their Own Words

Randall Gray
C.D.O. Actors Coalition Network
of Los Angeles
& Writer / Director / Producer
Who Among Us
Kathryn Peters
Who Will Be Portraying

Carol Walker
Eric St.Martin, Timothy Dominguez, and Chris Kioudjian
Discuss the Development of their Characters
Taylor Mack
Who Will Be Portraying

Chris Kioudjian
2nd Assistant Director
Bobby Drusk
Chris Kioudjian
Who Will Be Portraying

Bobby Drusk

Ben Wolfwood
Originally Our
Jeff Keifer

Germaine Gaudet
Who Will Be Portraying
The Witch

Eric St.Martin
Assistant Director and Will Be Portraying
Joshua Walker

Taylor Mack
Who Will Be Portraying

Jeffrie Favianny
Who will be playing our
Ryan Justice

Iam Gregory
Who Will Be Portraying
Caleb Walker

Kevin Lam
Who Will Be Portraying
Pete Haben

Dominique Gold
Who Will Be Portraying

Jeffrie Favianny
Who Will Be Portraying 
Ryan Justice

Timothy Dominguez
Logistics Manager & Will Be Portraying
Logan Eros

Bledar Gashi
Who Will Be Portraying
Shane Acedia

Bledar Gashi, Archer Herring, and Jeffrie Favianny discuss getting back to work after a short break

Alejandro Sandoval 

discusses a day on set

Kevin Lam discusses his roles in the making of Who Among Us

Bledar Gashi discusses his first actor training class from 

Director Randall Gray

Chris Fratita discusses his role in the making of Who Among Us

Jeffrie Favianny discusses his first day blocking rehearsal

Bledar Gashi discusses his first day of blocking rehearsal

Kristopher Dowling

Who Among Us

Production Manager


Randall Gray

Talks About The Rehearsal Process

Ben Wolfwood

Discusses His Role as

2nd Director of Photography

Christian Medina

Discusses His Responsibilities

Regarding Lighting 


Who Among Us

Eric St.Martin

Discusses His Role as

Assistant Director

Former ACN Associate Member

Joshua Rehfeldt

Discusses returning for the filming of

Who Among Us

Colette "Coco" Owens as Commander Hillary Franks

What Is Acting? An interview with our Production Manger & One of our Actors
Two New Actors Added
In Our First Meeting of 2022

Let Filming Begin

Up till now, all of our interviews have been focused on the preparation process.
From this point further, the real work has begun, filming.
We are filming out of sequence, which means bits and pieces from all 14 episodes, rather than one episode
at a time.
This means that our actors not only have to understand the entire arch of the season,
but also how each and every character effects the other characters.
It means that they must understand how their characters grow and evolve through the season, and that
they must be prepared to show that growth at any moment. 
When we are filming parts of episode one, six, nine, and thirteen all in the same day,
the actor must be prepared to do their job convincingly regardless of where their
character actually is in the over all story.
In other words, as part of the educational process of creating this episodic, 
our actors are being given powerful on the scene, masters level actors training.
Our Master Teacher, also the writer, director, and producer of Who Among Us, Randall Gray,
demands that we all understand that obtaining and maintaining regular work within the
entertainment industry mandates that we all learn to work 'Fast, Efficient, & Cheap'.
Thus, unlike a traditional set on a Hollywood backlot, our actors and crew must know what they are doing
before they arrive on set. They must create and maintain a safe and respectful work environment. 
They must know their lines and blocking. They must be willing to adjust or change whatever the director requests 
on a moments notice without complaint. They must know how to protect one another at all times, especially
with stage fighting scenes. And, they must always understand that on Randall's set, there are no 'Stars'.
Everyone, regardless of position or role, is important, needed, respected, and appreciated.
Teaching our team these skills has proven time and again to create strong, capable, and dependable 
industry professionals, many of whom are working with much larger companies now thanks to what
they have learned being a part of ACN.

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